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Left Lamp

Left was created from the need of giving a versatile, simple and personal luminous object.  Left can be placed on the floor, laid on the ground or left standing thanks to its shape. Just place Left in different positions to have various light effects.  Easy to interact with, it can be dimmered by touching it. 
Left was originally produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces where you can choose between oak or walnut and six different color for the power cord.

photo credits: Andrea Basile

limited edition

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Daily Paper

Daily paper is a magazine rack and toilet paper holder which solves the two functions in a practical and ironical way. Three bended steel wires create the space to place magazines and support the roll with two simple folds. Thanks to the handle Daily Paper can be easily moved. 

photo credits: Andrea Basile

limited edition

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Naha for Nemo

Naha is a basic, discreet and extremely functional lamp. The shape of the lamp allows an intense, however not blinding, beam of light. Naha can be matched to different styles and furnitures as it highly adapts to any kind of interior decoration and environment.
Naha is made of bent sheet metal, and it can receive halogen and energy efficient luminous sources satisfying any kind of requirement. Starting from a small service light all the way to a multiple composition, it adapts to any kind of environment for example domestic spaces or contract.



Autoscontro for ToBeUS

I was invited by Matteo Ragni to design a car for a ToBeUs special collection called WannabeUs. ToBeUs is a collection of handmade small cars manufactured in Brianza by Mastro Giovanni. Starting from a standard solid block only two single cuts are allowed to shape the car.
Thinking about the joy of playing without any worries I decided to create a bumper car.  Autoscontro is the perfect car to play with! For the fist time kids will be able to throw it at full speed without fear of mum’s and dad’s scolds. It’s a bumper car!



On Paper for Jannelli&Volpi

I was invited to create an installation to celebrate the 50 years anniversary of Jannelli&Volpi, a leading wallpaper company. In collaboration with Franco Roncoroni we realised ON PAPER, a magic box that keeps all the JV secrets. ON PAPER it's a place "over the clouds" where Art and History are mixed together in a playful game. In the JV Showroom the paper is removed from the walls to wrap 50 pillows each one representing one year of the JV history. The JV archive becomes an unconventional place to discover and understand a tradition through its most significant images.